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How Crabby Am I?

Well, how crabby would you be if you read an article like this one? It's about man bags (no, NOT what you're thinking!) and has this line in it: Finally, men and women should try to stay safe by not displaying the contents of their bags to thieves. Right. I had no idea I was putting myself in danger by locating thieves (thank goodness for the I'm A Thief! arrow emblazoned on their heads!) and showing them the contents of my purse. No more of that for me!

And then there's this one which begins with this line: Security analysts spotted a gaping security hole in Fox News Network LLC's Web site on Monday. What's the big deal you say? Good for those Security Analysts! Except that yesterday there was this post on Slashdot which makes you think somebody is lying or conflating the phrase Security Analysts with someone who happens to know about technology stumbling upon a stupid network configuration

I haven't posted here because I've been finishing grad school (all done!!) and writing my next book, which is due August 1. eek!

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