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New Year's Crab

Well, once again I've been busy, and crabby, too. Today, however, not so much. I have a new agent, for one thing, and she got me a great deal for my next two paranormals. My last book earned out and then some, so there's money headed my way, plus the advance for the new books. The anthology story came out pretty good. The dems are in control of congress and I'm in my last semester of grad school, so, like, yeah, thinks aren't too shabby. That's not to say I'm not crabby about some things:

1. Windows Vista is going to force me to a Mac or Linux. I just can't see upgrading to an OS that gives me reduced control and reduced functionality all because I am presumed to be criminally intent on pirating content. Uh, Microsoft, no. I'm not. So now I need to save money for a Mac I guess, or invest the time in learning how to install Ubuntu. Crap. That really makes me crabby.

2. My MP3 player (cost me $35!! and it worked when far more expensive ones were so sucky as to be actually unusable) is finally busted. Now, after three years loyal service, I guess I need a new one. Only I know they're all junk and I'm dreading the whole experience/expense. I don't want an iPod because of the DRM baloney and getting stuck with only iTunes, but even if I said the heck with that and ponied up to the Apple happy-wagon, see #1 above. I can't afford an iPod.

3. The war in Iraq and all the freaky scary talk about Iran. Holy moly! Washington is insane.

4. The iPhone looks so freaking beautiful I want one just to look at it, but I'm hearing little rumblings... Oh, and that reminds me!

5. I am WAY crabby about cell phones. I had to replace my son's cell (twice, but I won't tell that story now) and ended up getting him an unlocked RAZR. I cannot effen believe how great and wonderful an locked phone is. His phone is lovely, it comes with cool stuff that works. My Cingular Crippled RAZR sucks in comparison. SUCKS majorly I tell you. I am never ever buying a phone with service again. Trust me. Don't drink that cheap Kool-Aid any more. Cell phone consumers, we are being ripped off!

6. There must be something else... Like my car getting rear-ended and totaled when I only had $1400 left to pay on it. That made me crabby for sure.

General Crabbiness Level: low at the beginning of this post. Sky high now.

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