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Poetry in Spam (Literary Analysis Free)

From one of my email addresses:

Your cash, nail caster
Translation: A typical Marxian comment on the post-post Modern society, turned round on itself by the casting of nails, referencing by similarity the ancient shamanistic ritual casting bones to foretell the future. A nice foreshadowing of the following two lines.
Your future, pater patratus
The references to the future and the unknowable continue, with the clear reference to Catholicism and Satanic ritual.
Your future, passion-kindling
The poet is advising the reader to write a Romance Novel.*
Your health, office hours
But only if she/he quits the day job.
Luxury Timepieces
The bell tolls for thee, baby. In style.

Look, I didn't say it would be good lit analysis. I'm terrible at interpreting poems anyway.

*Did that. 5 times so far. Plus an anthology.