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Please help: missing

Author Marjorie Jone's daughter is missing. Take a look at this page, and keep your eyes open. You never know.



People who don't answer emails

Oh, boy, I'm crabby. Why? I've been writing a story for an Anthology I'm in. Cool project. My editor contacts the Crimson City authors, says, hey, I have a July 2007 slot open, you guys interested in doing an Anthology? Yeses all around. The due date, says Mr. Editor, would be June 1 (this would be mid March, by the way) word length of 15-20K words. So, the whole thing's a go by April. Hmm. I think, June 1? Double Hmm. Full time job. School. Soccer mom thing. Holy shit! I asked twice if the due date was really June 1. No reply from Mr. Editor, who is in all other respects, fabulous. OK. I calculate how many words per day I need to finish with time for editing, getting it to readers and re-editing factored in. The answer? 857. Cool. I knuckle down and do so. I email my agent and my editor. Is the due date really June 1? No reply. I finish at 22K, and freak. It's too long! I cut a story line and tighten it beyond belief and I overnight the MS at 20,436 words on May 30th. My contract arrived yesterday and I read it today so I can send it back all signed and get my check.

Here's the words that count: Delivery date: June 15
Word Count: No less than 15,000 no greater than 25,000