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Ala. Candidate's Views Startle Democrats - Yahoo! News

Just shaking my crabby little head in saddness and disappointment. 12% of the vote?





A mobile provider also may have requested that certain features be disabled in the version of a Nokia phone for use on the mobile provider's network. If so, they will not appear in the phone's menu. Contact your mobile provider about feature support and availability.

This really makes me crabby. This is stupid. U.S. carriers are crippling phones so they can rip us off with their too-expensive and half-implemented versions of cool. Why? I would gladly pay more money for cool. But the wireless carriers would rather not understand they're in the business of providing cool. Someday, some Japanese wireless carrier is going to come here and do it right, and then we can have cool phones like we ought to. I'm getting tired of seeing cool phones or features or services and oops, not in the US...


Oh, and another thing

By the way, I have developed an almost rabid hatred of unpublished writers who like to share their magical method for writing boffo books. Uhm, if your method is so great how come you're unpublished? Have you ever thought that maybe you don't know so much after all and that you should spend more time figuring out to write and less time telling everyone how good your books are?

And you know what else I hate? I hate writers who think Print On Demand (POD) publishing makes them an author. No. It made you a someone who wrote a check and didn't learn a damn thing about how hard it is to write a book a real publisher will pay for.

Writers who think they're fabulous typically aren't.

Insane Jobbers?

I wear contact lenses. I have always used AOSept to keep my lenses squeaky clean. My eye doctor says this is probably why my lenses last so long. OK. So, a while back I realize I need a new cup thingee disk-o-magic washer callit, but they have only AOSept solution. Hmm. Now, I'm also out of AOSept solution. But now the drug store has only cup thingee disk-o-magic washer callits and no solution. No big deal. Except apparently it is because I have now been to 5 different grocery stores (2 Albertson's, 2 Safeways and 1 G&G) and 3 drug stores and everyone has the cup thingee disk-o-magic washer callit and NO AOSept solution.

Hello? Eye Care Jobber? Are you stupid? These things must be on the shelves simultaneously. You can't trade them off, 3 months one and then 3 months the other. Retail doesn't work like that. I'm really peeved.

Crabbiness Level: Very very high.


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