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This makes me crabby!!

Boy, do I really hate this. Some tech website provides a link to some cook sounding white paper, like say, on SQL Injection. But it's really nothing but a trap to get your data so they can start sending you junk about buying whatever product or service they're pimping. If I were totally stupid and desperate, in order to read this "Free" white paper on SQL injection, I have to fill out this form wherein I MUST give them name, address, email AND phone. Phooey on that. I confess I fell for this crap exactly twice before and in both cases the White Paper was not helpful, insightful or anything but a "Why you need to buy our product/service" marketing baloney. It's not like I can later go back and say, hey that was totally unhelpful, delete all the information I gave you.

General Crabbiness Level: High.



Is this possible?

I can't remark as to the truth behind these statements. What scares me to my very soul is that this is not the only source of the rumblings. There have been many. They started showing up in the blogosphere about a week or so ago. Remarks and revelations by and about the Whitehouse give me no reason to believe that this Administration has any connection to decency or even common sense. They are stuck in a hawkish world view that became irrelevant in the 1980s. Is my president really and trrly about to make my county the most hated and despised nation in the world? If so, that's a tragedy that breaks my heart.Whatever the truth, I can have an opinion, and here it is: If this country goes to war against Iran as is suggested here and in other places, it is an outrage and a disaster of momumental proportions. Read more at From The Heart of the Matter: Iran and Iraq


TechCrunch » Yahoo Testing Free Wifi Product

Um, I love TechCrunch honest, but isn't there something wrong with an article that has the word "free" in the headline and the numbers $7.95 and $2.95 in the penultimate paragraph?See, to me, free = $0.00. But that's just me. I'm a stilckler for language. Read more at I'm on a writing deadline again, so I'm slacking over here.


Climate Researchers Feeling Heat From White House

Outrageous.

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Snubster - The perfect accompaniment for the crabby! Why, that almost makes me un-crabby!. Off to sign up and make a few lists.Read more at