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Insane Jobbers?

I wear contact lenses. I have always used AOSept to keep my lenses squeaky clean. My eye doctor says this is probably why my lenses last so long. OK. So, a while back I realize I need a new cup thingee disk-o-magic washer callit, but they have only AOSept solution. Hmm. Now, I'm also out of AOSept solution. But now the drug store has only cup thingee disk-o-magic washer callits and no solution. No big deal. Except apparently it is because I have now been to 5 different grocery stores (2 Albertson's, 2 Safeways and 1 G&G) and 3 drug stores and everyone has the cup thingee disk-o-magic washer callit and NO AOSept solution.

Hello? Eye Care Jobber? Are you stupid? These things must be on the shelves simultaneously. You can't trade them off, 3 months one and then 3 months the other. Retail doesn't work like that. I'm really peeved.

Crabbiness Level: Very very high.


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