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This makes me crabby!!

Boy, do I really hate this. Some tech website provides a link to some cook sounding white paper, like say, on SQL Injection. But it's really nothing but a trap to get your data so they can start sending you junk about buying whatever product or service they're pimping. If I were totally stupid and desperate, in order to read this "Free" white paper on SQL injection, I have to fill out this form wherein I MUST give them name, address, email AND phone. Phooey on that. I confess I fell for this crap exactly twice before and in both cases the White Paper was not helpful, insightful or anything but a "Why you need to buy our product/service" marketing baloney. It's not like I can later go back and say, hey that was totally unhelpful, delete all the information I gave you.

General Crabbiness Level: High.



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