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Online File Storage - Don't Jump yet!

There seems to be this bandwagon for online file storage. I guess Amazon A3 is the most prominent. But you know what? Back in the bubble days of 2000 or so, there were a bunch of online file storage companies, X-Drive being one. I used it, they went belly up, and all my files went with them. They were zip archives for my versioning of my then current novel. [Insert frowny-face here]Let's apply some logic to this: What's the goal? To have certain files available from any location (provided you have a computer and access to the net, and let's be realistic, that's broadband access which I don't have). And/Or to have an archive of files for historical/ regulatory reasons. In the first case, the huge huge risk is that the 3rd party with my sensitive files (sensitive to me, anyway) goes belly up. Voila. My files are gone. That hurts. And who is protecting my information from intrusion/snooping? Nobody. And you know what? That applies to the second case, too. Just say no thanks. I bought a 1 GB thumb drive for $50 bucks. My files are on my desktop, my laptop and the thumb. If someone wants them, they have to come to my house or my car and steal them. Or get a subpoena (well, at least I hope they have to get a subpoena).Stay away from this bandwagon. It's the same flawed idea as before.


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