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Verizon Executive Calls for End to Google's 'Free Lunch'

Are these people complete morons? Google pays for its bandwidth. They're not crawling the internet for free. What it does and where it decides to go once it's connected is Google's own damn business. If Verizon doesn't want google trolling the Verizon website then they can make a robots.txt file. But, that's not what these idiots are complaining about. The whole point of the internet is that the infrastructure is there for everyone to use. I pay a provider to get me there. Google does the same. End of issue. Is Verizon going to suggest next that every financially successful website owes them a cut? Verizon and its ilk got HUGE tax breaks to improve their pipline. Care to explain to me why I can't get broadband where I live?

Hey, Verizon, you morons, where's my rebate?



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