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Oh, and one more thing

I forgot that I was crabby about something else, too. My Univ. webmail account (which I am forced to use) is squirrel mail. Now, I know this is a geekish program etc etc etc. But that's the whole problem. Go look at Thunderbird... Now go look at Squirrel mail.
The rodent mail has this bit of text followed by three ugly links underneath kind of like so:

Transform Selected Messages:
[Read] [Unread] [Delete]

Now, what normal person would think that anyone in their right mind would "Transform" their email? The answer is none. NONE! Yes, I am shouting. Hopefully loud enough so that the idiot geek who thought that was a cool phrase will be awakened from a restful sleep. Sure, it's cool if only other geeks use it, but my University uses it and they FORCE me to use it and I don't want ugly interfaces with questionable action verbs in place of meaningful English.

Clark Kent transforms into Superman
Peter Parker transforms into Spiderman.

My read mail does not transform into deleted mail or unread mail.

The scene in the phone booth does NOT go like this: "No, no, first the shoes, then the pants!" It goes like this: Clark Kent WHOOSH Superman.

I would transform my mail IFF (if and only if, for people who need real English) it transformed into some sort of device that gave spammers four flat tires six times a day when they're someplace out of cell range and not blocking traffic for people like me. All I do is READ my email (and then it is simply read email. It says exactly the same thing it said before I read it. Or else I delete it, in which case the tree fell and nobody heard.

General Crabbiness Level: pretty damn high.


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