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Technology strikes (out) again

Today, I am crabby about having to go back to work tomorrow. Yuck. I am crabby that Instiki is so far a really great tool for my writing, but it's not a don't-have-to-think-about-it product. It should be. Why release it to the public if the actual real-life public (which would be people like me, only even more clueless) if real people can't just freaking use it?

I'm diving into a new project and for me, the early stages means keeping track of a lot of things, characters (names, appearance, traits) places, chronologies, etc. I have more or less solved the issue of getting Instiki to know where it lives. Now, the issue is that I have a laptop and a desktop and I want to keep instiki synchronized between the two. My first stab at that failed.

Instiki has two export features, neither of which are sufficiently described. Which wouldn't make all that much difference except that when I click on the export link (either one) my desktop beeps for about 30 seconds -- just to the hold-the-button down to make it stop point. Obviously, there's an error of some kind, but what? No message pops up, there's no readily identifiable culprit in task manager, and based on the quality of the beep, it's coming from the system, not some application. It's a POST beep, not a windows wav sound. Best quess is it's some kind of pathing issue, EXCEPT that files get made. Restoring them to the laptop did nothing. Nor did just zipping up the whole darn directory. Crap.

I think I'll email the Instiki guy tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I am crabby because of the whole day job thing. And personal, private writing rant: I hate waiting. I hate that two proposals are going to an editor, may well be on the desktop now, and I have to wait for an answer. I hate knowing they're going to be running the numbers on my last books instead of looking at quality of the product. Why does that matter? Past results are no guarantee of future performance. Right? Right. All I can do is freak out about that. I swear to [insert deity here] writing is just not a job for nuerotics, but there's no such thing as a writer who is not neurotic.

General crabbiness level: medium-low to medium. Could be worse, but the cat's snoozing on my lap.


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