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I hate morning people

There's a new DBA at my day job and he gets in about 7 or 7:30 which is fine with me because he's more than capable of being quiet. Please note: Despite the ungodly hour at which I rise DoNotShine and go to work, I am NOT a morning person. But there is another person who apparently thinks it's really great that this new DBA comes in early because he likes to talk about stupid boring idiot stuff. Probably if this conversation took place at, say, 10:00 or 11:00 in the morning, I wouldn't be so freaking crabby about it. This morning there were two people at his desk and they were not talking about work. I like my nice quiet mornings where there's nobody around and nobody in the next cube over having stupid idiot boring conversations that do not interest me in the least. They should at least talk about something I care about. One morning, the new DBA and I were talking about DBA stuff and this guy was standing there looking irritated that we were talking about databases and servers. I won't say I don't waste my fair share of time, but I don't irritate people with it during what should be a nice quiet morning of letting the espresso hit the bloodstream with me adjusting to being awake at all.

General Crabbiness Level: Very High.


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