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Long Time no Rant

I've been snowed under by the stuff of life. First, I had a book to write really fast. But it's done and in the stores now. (A Darker Crimson. It's paranormal action romance. I wrote that between December 14 2004 and April 28 2005. Wisely, I took only 2 units of TA at school. How do you write a book that fast? Calculate the minimum words per day to finish a month ahead of time (so you can show a draft to trusted readers and have time to fix it) and then put your butt in the chair every day until you hit or exceed the minimum. For the curious, that's 857 words per day. This is a situation in which it helps to be a pantser. At the gym, I'd work out what I'd be writing that evening... So, MS turned in, then I had a very brief break then edits then galley proofs. ohmygawd. Then I had to finish the stupid proposal for the next historical so that book can get placed and then work on the option paranormal etc.

This semester at school I am teaching a class and taking two and writing proposals. The historical is done and with my agent. So, you might ask, Carolyn, where's the rant. It's coming.

Here's what I hate. My desktop computer is getting old. It's not USB 2.0. I've upgraded to Win XP. Every time I plug in a thumb drive XP tells me if I had USB 2.0 my device would work faster. Well DUH!! But I don't have that but it has to tell me every freaking time. What a waste of time!!


OK. Maybe I'm going to move off blogger. I hate when something I like and need and want to use is broken and blogger is starting to feel broken again...