jewel on line at last

This is my personal weblog where I get to be as crabby as I want to be.


Wow. Another rant already. I've covered some of this over on the other blog. Today was computer disaster day. Not spyware, right before the big blow up, I came up clean on all the usual spyware malware etc catchers. Missing file, system won't run. This happened once before, but I booted from the CD recovered and all was fine. Not today. I had to reinstall the OS. Did I have my product key? Heck no, I did not. The MSDN PK didn't work (it was worth a shot, as a way to get the freaking computer up long enough to fix it...) So, hours and hours wasted looking for it. The desktop is at least 5 years old now. I have all the original CD's and all kinds of other paper but not the OS PK. Crud. So, and here's the rant coming. These irritating things happen. I thought I'd try MS. But you have to navigate 5 minutes of stupid voice menus before they tell you there's no one to answer the phone. Crud. This stupidity, as I discovered, is recapitulated on their website. Hey, 24 hour on line tech support $30 for half an hour. I'm a stubborn sort, and said, OK. Worth it to get things back up. I clicked through several menus, including filling out all the cc information only to be told NO TECHS AVAILABLE. I think they knew that before I started clicking. Jiminey Cricket! Are these people usability/interface morons? Yes. They are.

I know I will fix this tomorrow, but I wanted it fixed tonight.

Second part of rant. So, as I'm reinstalling the OS, and it's at the PK screen, which, like the Beaudelaire twins, due to a series of unfortunate events which I don't even know what they are (because then I could find the PK probably) I am unable to provide, there's no way to escape out. No way to proceed with, say, a limited install just this once. No consideration whatever to losers like me who lose their product key, despite stern warnings from MS not to. Sorry MS. I lost it anyway but now I hate you even more. Fortunately, this situation stops all those piraters in Quandong province in their tracks. So, it's OK to pile up ill will from paying customers.

I had to turn off the computer. No way to shut down except holding down the power button. Crap.

Did I do the smart thing and give up hours earlier and just work on the laptop and get some writing done? No. Because today was a stupid writing day. I cleaned out a closet for crying out loud, because I was engaging in avoidance behavior. Plus, I HATE leaving problems unsolved.

General crabbiness level: off the charts.