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My book (November 2005!) is all done and turned in so now I have a breather to post a rant about:

MP3 Players - Are they ALL hideous piles of Junk?

Last xmas (2004) I bought an RCA Lyra MP3 player for my son. For about a month, I thought I was hopeless, and just didn't get it (Self to self - you are a SQL Server DBA, what about technology don't you get? Answer from self - not much) It was the player. Not me. In fact, the reason it could be used at all has more to do with my innate geekiness than anything else. The hardware interface makes no freaking sense. Unusable. What idiot designed that? The software that came with it (Jukebox) acted a hell of a lot like spyware. Plus, it didn't really work. So I uninstalled it and used - GASP! Windows Media Player (WMP) which worked to get songs onto the player. So, it's nearly 6 mos later, I've realized that the Lyra is a piece of junk. I notice has a reconditioned Rio for $38US. I bought it. The thing works great. The software that came with it sucks, but I used WMP instead and am OK. I can play the songs I want, list them, find them and even get them onto the unit. Very happy.

There will be a separate rant about things that are seriously wrong with RIAA. Trust me.
So, I decide that I was just unlucky with the piece of junk Lyra and, as an early bd present got my son a Creative Labs Zen MP3 player. I paid 3 times as much for it as the Lryis piece of junk. The Zen player is also a piece of junk. The software sucks. The Zen software interface is gorgeous and impenetrable. Luckily, I gave up early and got stuff on it using WMP. What the H.E. double-toothpicks is the world coming to when a peice of MS software works better than anything else?? The hardware interface is basically a touchpad. But it doesn't quite make sense and it doesn't really work very well. And the unit does not turn off...

I notice that has a even better Rio model that is half what I paid for the Zen so I ordered it...

A firmware upgrade later and the Zen unit turns off twice and then never again. So today I returned it and got my money back. I will give my son the fancy-Rio when it comes and if, for some hideous reason it doesn't work, I'll give him the $38 Rio that does work.