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You know what I really, really really hate? I hate technology instructions written by geeks with a not-so-secret hatred of people who aren't like them. If they want the technology they love so much to be widely adopted, they should lose the attitude and try to write instructions that don't leave out the really important steps. I spent a goodly part of yesterday afternoon looking at a Linux Red Hat command line and switching between three different sets of instructions to figure out what to do and THAT is why Windows is all over the planet. And since I'm on a roll, this kind of crud even happens with GUI stuff. Like, trying to enable WEP on a wireless network. Follow the wizard... get to screen that has a bunch of empty boxes and says, enter your WEP key here. Well fine. I would if I knew what goes in the boxes. Can I make it up? Is it secret code? None of the documentation I found explains what goes in there. The key. Oh right. Even my SSH program (PuTTY) which I had to install for a reason I won't go into right now didn't explain how to obtain the RSA key. It talked a lot about keys but not how to get one of my own. Thanks so much. I downloaded a demo copy of a program that did explain it. But then I had to google a bunch of other stuff to figure out whether my ISP was giving me a static IP (No) and what to do if it's not. What a bunch of crap! In short, I needed instructions to explain the instructions and then instructions to explain those.

And geek-types have the nerve! to tisk, tisk about viruses and spyware all over. It's their fault! Yes. They are to blame. Which is another thing that p$&*($^% me off. Here are the programs I have installed to try to keep that crud off my machine: AdAware, SpyBot S&D, Norton Anti-Virus, Norton Firewall, and Windows updater. That's 5 programs. M$osft, why isn't this embedded in the OS? Apple, why do you overprice your machines so I can't afford a freaking Mac? And all you slashdotters out there, why is 'nix so freaking arcane? You-all should quit complaining about Redmond WA and look in the mirror for the source of the problem. The only exception is Mozilla.

General crabbiness level: Extemely high.