jewel on line at last

This is my personal weblog where I get to be as crabby as I want to be.


I'm crabby because my writing blog is not functioning correctly. I hate technology. It never works. I can count on my analog devices to work until long past their useful lives. But I paid good money for wireless cards for my computers and the freaking access will just inexplicably stop working. I'm sick of wasting my time fixing this broken crap. It should just work. Like my analog phone.


General crabbiness level - moderate and climbing. Too busy. Stressed about xmas commercialism, plus my 21" monitor died and now I'm using this dinky old tiny monitor. I want a flat panel but I can't afford it. I'm lucky I had a spare monitor to use. But I'm really crabby about that, let me tell you and what's worse, my lovely huge, practically TV size monitor that I loved was free, so I really should be pleased as heck that it lasted as long as it did. But, seeing as how I'm a crab, I choose to ignore that fact and concentrate on the ill luck of a hardware failure right when I need to spend money for xmas since it's a given that the grandparents will once again get my son nothing while showering his cousins with gifts, and I live in fear of him noticing this year. Just how do you explain to a young child why his grandparents got him nothing but his cousins lots? Plus, school fees will soon be due. In the general scheme of things, school is cheap. but it's still a lot of money. General crabbiness level: high.