jewel on line at last

This is my personal weblog where I get to be as crabby as I want to be.


I am crabby because I have to get up early to go into the city for training. But I'm only mildly crabby about the training. It's the drive that makes it hideous. Ick. Commute traffic. Should be banned. Should be mass transit that works.


Still crabby about the job. Who isn't, I guess, but I bet I'm crabbier than you about it. Son taking Wushu and seems to really like it. It's Chinese ballet, from what I can see. If I tell him that, he'll be crushed. Teacher is excellent.


Desperately crabby. Dr. chided me about the effect of stress in my life, and I could not disagree. I know the source and need a quicker plan 9 For The Rest of My Life. Went to 49ers game with son, a good time was had by all niner fans. Yours crabbily ate garlic fries and now regrets it because the recipe has somehow changed and they weren't worth the calories. They used to be. Not anymore. Walking around the old neighborhood was mildly nostalgic. I like the boonies better. I like Berkeley better too. Tomorrow is Monday, my secret day of indulgence and I am crabby because I fear it will be taken away from me.