jewel on line at last

This is my personal weblog where I get to be as crabby as I want to be.


I am just now getting over the worst of my exhaustion brought on by the combination of a foolish promise to have edits on my book done in a week -- what was I thinking??? -- and school, and job and family, that I have lately been too tired to be crabby. But, I'm coming back to my more normal state of general crabbiness.

I am very crabby about the person who opened my bag of cookies and neglected to close it so that they were all stale before I got to eat any of them. My brother Matthew is the culprit, I'm quite sure. He took my son to his soccer game and, obviously, before he left, he opened the cookies and just left them. I'm going to lay into him about that. I bet he doesn't do that at his house.


I am crabby about being tired. On the other hand, my brother the pastry chef is visiting and I just ate an entire bowl of a blow-your-mind chocolate mousse. So, I won't be crabby until tomorrow when I regret the calories. Actually, I take it back I don't regret it. It was really, really good. Yum.