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This is my personal weblog where I get to be as crabby as I want to be.


I'm not deeply crabby right now. I'm tired, though. Today I watched Jet Li's Cradle 2 Grave which was better than I expected from the reviews. It's main flaw is simple: not enough Jet Li. Note to director: Jet Li is the STAR. Put the story and the camera on the STAR!! Now I'm feeling crabby. Plus, Jet never even took off his coat. What's up with that? Why are women stripping in this movie and the men aren't? That really makes me crabby.

I also recently saw Jackie Chan's The Medallion. Thoroughly enjoyable. Somewhat better than the reviews. Fun. Good martial arts. And, and, and !! Skin. Male star skin.


Today I'm just crabby because.


I was really crabby Monday because there was a bit of a fender-bender in the coffee shop parking lot and I was rear-ended. No damage that I could see but with the protective layer of dust on my car, who can tell? Anyway, we exchange info and then I got a call from the other driver's mother (driver was a teenager, very nice girl, to be honest) and said she'd called the police and reported me as a hit and run. I'm sure she gave them my name, too, because I used my just about neatest printing on the paper I exchanged with her daughter. Now, let's see, teenage driver rear ends me, we exchange information and I'm a hit and runner? Things went downhill from there believe it or not. On Tuesday, I wasn't quite so crabby because at least I got my wireless connection working, but I hated my job really a lot that day and Wednesday was worse. Thursday we had a long, frightful meeting so I was crabby and hungry and my work day was shot.

Today I was too busy to be crabby, but now I'm paying for depriving myself, plus I spent a long time installing my sister's fancy new printer and then troubleshooting XP. The dreaded AOL messenger problem. I didn't have this problem on my laptop because the first thing I did was uninstall AOL. It's a known issue, why is Dell shipping computers with a known issue like that? If I was my sister, I'd be crabby because her printer didn't come till today, and she had to go pick it up from Airborne Express who told her that all the real drivers were on vacation last week when her printer was supposed to be delivered, and the temp they hired turned out to be "unsuited" to the position and never took any deliveries anywhere. But I'm not her, so I'm not crabby about that.

Plus, to be really honest, I'm also crabby because I started a book by a writer I know (autographed copy!) and I want it to suck, but I can tell it won't. Now that's humbling. I should be thrilled. But that small icky bit of me says I should be the only good writer out there, except for the Great Mary B.


I'm crabby about how complicated technology is and how badly the documentation is written. I'm a geekish sort, I'm reasonably intelligent. I used to troubleshoot computers for a living. But the documentation is rife with references which require that you already know the solution to the problem in order to know what to read. Case in point: my wireless connection wasn't working. But I needed to know WHY it wasn't working in order to find the right place in help. If if knew WHY it wasn't working, then I would know how to fix it for pity's sake, and I wouldn't need the freaking help. And the basic help assumes you're an idiot and the reason things aren't working that that you're too stupid to use the mouse. Arghhh!!! That's why tech support continues to get phone calls. Fix that, you geekazoids and maybe you wouldn't have so many calls on hold.