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This is my personal weblog where I get to be as crabby as I want to be.


Today, I am crabby about being tired and I'm crabby about feeling I'm only barely competent at my day job, whereas I am completely competent at the writing. I've started my search for a new agent, and I'm crabby about having to part ways with the last one and now look for another one. But, I'm not utterly crabby because my first query scored a request for material. This is the first time I've queried on my credits rather than on a submission. So, now I have to write the proposals for the book I've written about 15 pages of, and for the 3 sequals to LR of which I have written exactly 0 pages but have at least got a clue what I'll be writing about, and for the Scottish one, also 0 pages and the contempory, of which I have a two paragaph- hey, this would be a great idea, which is, in fact, my grand and sneaky plan to get Jet Li into a romantic lead role in a movie. I figure I'll have to write the book and get it dang thing optioned. But, at least I am back in the land of real espresso. Oh, I am also crabby about not having yet taken the time to learn to use the espresso maker my brother gave me so I'm still paying way too much for my caffeine fix.


Today, I am crabby about the New York Hilton that charges money if you turn around. I'm sure that somewhere there's a charge for air on my bill. And, what, I ask you, is the thinking behind air conditioning turned on so high that everyone wears coats and sweaters inside? I pitied the poor women who were trying to look dressed up and so shunned the coat because then they stood around shivering. Spoils the effect of the slinky dress, people. Turn down the AC you freaks. There's a TV in the elevators. YUCK!!!! That is a major irritation. I had to pay to use the gym. I had to pay to use the computers for 15 minutes! Sheesh. Plus, it seems that in Manhattan there is no place to get a decent espresso. Starbucks does not count. Which is another thing that makes me crabby. Starbucks where you have to ask for a quadruple just to be able to tell you got espresso with your milk. No espresso makes me really really crabby.


Boy do I have something to be crabby about today. My laptop fitzed on me. A Dell, but I believe the problem is Windows and Norton. Am at a hotel night before a 7am flight (yes, I am crabby about having to be there 2 hours early!!! No wonder nobody wants to fly. Anyhow, I wasted my whole day trying to save it but no go. I'm going to have to reformat the drive and start completely over. YUCK!! I hate this. Don't software designers --- Oh, I don't have time to properly berate software but I'm sooooooo tired of software that assumes I'm a criminal (rather than their software didn't work right) and also assumes nothing will ever go wrong. I'm also crabby about having to get up at 4am. But, on the other hand, the Comfort Inn here in Oakland as high speed internet access and I am not crabby about that at all.


Plus, I have some theories about Martial Arts films. I get crabby about that subject, too. Just wait til I get going on that. How is it that Hollywood doesn't get these films? Oh, Asian leads. Problem for Hollywood? How come American versions of MA films suck so bad? What flaming idiot is in charge of editing Hong Kong martial arts films for the American audience, I'd like to know. As if we can't handle the entire movie? You want proof? Hah. Hitman vs. Contract Killer As an American, when I saw Hitman (after having seen Contract Killer) I wanted to sue somebody for accusing me of being a racist and an idiot. In Hitman, the Indian gentlemen does NOT speak in a sing-song sterotype voice. Oh, if it weren't so dang late, I'd keep going. But, CK cuts out crucial scenes PLUS it materially changes the dialogue. What the characters say in Hitman is not what they're saying in CK.

Funny Money?

Today I have a lot to be crabby about. First off, I took my son to see Pirates of The Carribean, only it turns out the atm gave me some counterfeit $20's so instead of seeing the movie we had to wait for an hour until the police arrived to confiscate two of my $20's and test all the rest of it. Sheesh. So, huge disappointment on part of son and self. Waste of the 20 min drive (and gas) to the movie (plus back). And had to deal with movie theatre personnel who were not nice. As if I did it on purpose. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Plus, I bet the bills aren't counterfeit at all. They were just old twenties their dumb old pen couldn't deal with. Now, I have to go back to the bank to replace the twenties, because I leave for NY Tuesday, which means I'm down, at the moment, $80.

Stupid People Making Stupid Decisions

But wait, that's not all! While I was in line to buy the tickets to the movie I saw that full price for an adult ticket is now $9.25 ($6.25 for the matinee). Nine bucks to see a movie? No wonder people don't go anymore. God knows I won't be going to any full price movies anytime soon. What a rip-off. It's bad enough you pay 6x too much for food and drinks. I can wait a few weeks for pay-per-view or DVD rental, thank you very much.

Jet Li and Romance - Is it really too much to ask?

And since I'm on a roll, puleeze, the movies they make these days are by-and-large completely and utterly s-t-u-p-i-d. Let's see, My Big Fat Greek Wedding was a successful, profitable film, but are they making many intelligent, heartwarming films like that? NO! They're making stupid, irritating films aimed at teenage boys and then saying, well, that's what people want to see. Well, duh!!! The rest of us don't go see those films because they're stupid. You know what kind of movie I want to see? Any movie where it's not assumed that the viewers (like, apparently, the writers, directors and editors of same) have the intelligence of a turnip. Plus, I want to see Jet Li playing a Romantic Lead. Is that too much to ask? Why can't anyone write a Martial Arts film where Jet Li does awesome martial arts, takes off his shirt and gets to kiss (and more) the girl?


I get to be as crabby as I want to be.

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